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Performance Tested

All Domore chairs pass a number of rigorous government and industry standards. These certifications demonstrate that Domore chairs offer premium solutions for office and intensive use seating contexts.

Intensive Use Seating

The proper ergonomic support of users is an important health concern Domore intensive use chairs are designed with a comprehensive focus on ergonomic functionality and comfort.

GSA Advantage Approved

Domore seating is a proud participant in the GSA Advantage program. Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA and we welcome applicable government agencies to utilize GSA Advantage.

Comtrac Seating

Intensive Heritage Series

One of the first ergonomic, multi-shift use chairs, the Heritage series was developed initially in conjunction with the Federal government for harsh 24/7 environments.

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Comtrac Seating

Intensive Duty 7000 Series

The updated 7000 Series line of intensive use seating uses much of the proprietary technology of the Heritage Series but is packaged in sleeker, comfortable, more modern styles.

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Comtrac Seating

Extended Duty 6000 Series

The 6000 Series will excel when your requirements are tough, but less harsh than a 24/7 environment.

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Comtrac Seating

Standard Duty 5000 Series

The 5000 Series provides comfort and durability in a more standard office application. A great 8-10 hour chair for an administrative office or stylish seating for a conference area.

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Our wide selection of color and high performance fabric options ensure that your furniture will be pleasing to the eye and compliment any office or intensive use environment. Below are our standard fabrics. Please contact us for any sample or pricing questions or click on the link "See All Fabric Styles" for our additional large selection of fabric choices available.

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Tracing a heritage of comfort and durability from 1919
Do/More...Tracing a Heritage of Comfort and Durability from 1919

Two American GI's return home from WW1 with the rights to "process, market, and distribute" a new seating product developed by Tan/Sad in the UK to increase productivity in manufacturing environments. Previous seating had no formed back rest.


The two American GI's meet W.S. Ferris, an industrialist from Elkhart, IN. Ferris's firm, The Godfrey Conveyer Company was fabricating metal to make a special conveyor system to move coal off the rail cars at the large Elkhart, IN railroad hub and also a new line of metal baby carriages. Metal fabricating of this type was relatively new. The GI's moved to Elkhart and a partnership was formed.

Do/More is Born
Do/More... is Born!


Tan/San seating enjoyed immediate success and exclusive sales representatives were established in nearby large cities; Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. In 1922, W. S. Ferris acquired the rights for Tan/San from the GI's


Ferris developed several major improvements to the Tan/San seat and began to offer his improved seat under a private label. A new corporate identity was needed. Ferris believed his new chair would offered many benefits to seated workers:

  • Do more to improve productivity
  • Do more to improve seated workers health
  • Do more to prevent back ache
  • Do more to improve appearance
  • Do more improve seated workers physical well being
Do/More...Posture Chair is Born!


As the industrial revolution grew so did the need for business offices to support manufacturing. A new chair base with swivel action and casters was developed. The Do/More Posture Chair was born.

Do/More Seating Service...Leader In "Ergonomics"


The great depression brings challenges for Do/More but these are overcome using both engineering and ingenuity. FDR's new deal brings thousands of new government workers. They need seats and Do/More gets its' first GSA contract. Do/More never experienced a layoff during the 1930's.

Do/More establishes the Posture Research Institute, as a non-profit division and names Dr. John Garner as it's director. The institute and it's study of posture and it's effect on the body and health was likely one of the first organized studies of the science which would eventually become ergonomics.

Do/More Seating Service...Supports War Effort


WW II brings severe restrictions in the use of metal. Do/More develops an all wood posture chair. The new "Sentinel" chair was still capable of being fitted to individual workers and even used seat spindle and swivel mechanism made of hardwood material. One of the original versions is displayed in our corporate office and often featured at trade shows.

Do/More Seating Service...Cutting Edge Design Leader


In response to the new, updated designs of the times from competitors like Herman Miller and Knoll, Do/More commissions famous industrial designer, Raymond Loewy, to design the Do/More 800 Series chair. Mr. Loewy may be best known for his design of the Greyhound Bus, Studebaker Avanti, and the Sears Coldspot refrigerator. Over the next 10 years, chair sales more than double.

Do/More...On the Forefront of Intensive Use Seating

1960's - 1970's

During the late 1960's, Do/More was invited by the FAA, along with several other major seating manufacturers to develop a chair suitable for Air Traffic Controllers. Such a chair would require all the comfort and adjustable features of a Do/More Custom-fit chair … and would be in service 7 days a week year round, in many cases for three shift /24 hours per day use. We believe these were some of the first intensive use seats ever developed. After months of FAA trials of the seating from several major manufacturers of the day, the Do/More Intensive Use Seat was the clear winner.

Do/More...Expands Intensive Use Seating Market

1980's - 1990's

The 1980's and 90's saw Domore continue to expand and develop both Intensive Use and Commercial markets. A variety of more modern commercial designs were developed and marketed. New markets for the Intensive Use line were found in police, fire, and GSA multi-shift applications.

Do/More...The Intesive Use Seating Leader

2000 - 2010

The turn of the century saw Domore continue to lead the intensive use seating market expanding both the models and customer base.

As the country "expanded", intensive use models were added for differing body styles and XL versions were introduced. Low and high stools were added for supervisors and trainers to more easily see screens in use by trainees.

As police and fire dispatch were consolidated across the country into combined 911 dispatch centers, the need for comfortable, durable, intensive use, multi-shift seating expanded. New intensive use markets included: military, NASA, security, call centers, refineries, power plants, nuclear facilities, radio & television stations, even casinos.

Do More Seating
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Performance Designed Seating has been in our DNA since 1919… Our new investment in engineering, product development, facilities, and marketing represent a re-birth of this iconic brand. You know where we come from, now watch where we are going!


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